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Hollycraft Rhinestone Necklace
Gorgeous vintage costume necklace.  VERY pretty green, blue, pink and white rhinestones. It measures about 14 1/2" long when clasped. Even has 2 rhinestones at each end by the clasp!  No stones missing, a rare find!

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JB Sterling Cameo Pin
Vintage pin with lovely color accnts of pink and yellow.


Weiss Japanned Portrait Pin Pendant Brooch
Nice vintage Weiss brooch, also has the loop at the back to hang it on a chain. A fairly substantial piece, it measures about 2 1/2" x 1 1/2". It is also a VERY UNIQUE Weiss piece, have not yet seen anything quite like it. It is a Portrait Pin, with a romantic picture of a brunette dressed in green.

$39.99   SOLD
Antique Art Nouveau B&W Desk Clock
Nice bedside or shelf wind up clock.  Most likely from 1904-1918.  By the Brainard and Wilson Corporation, who patented one of the first art nouveau designs in 1904.  About 5 1/2" tall and 5" across and is about 1 1/2" deep. It is a hefty 1 1/2 pounds and appears to have a brass or copper finish (probably over a copper base), some wear and marks as is to be expected.  Perhaps this is the "French Bronze" finish. Wind it up and it runs, but cannot guarantee that as that could change after jostling in transport to you. One of the nuts on the back appears to be missing.

Tom Thumb Mini Briar Pipe from Italy
From an estate. This Is a smaller pipe, perhaps a lady's pipe or just for a quick smoke. It says Tom Thumb on it and Imported Briar Italy. Unusual curved shape and it has a silver looking band that appears to have had a gold wash in the past. Says "EP" on that band. Measures about 3 1/2" long, and the bowl is about 1" deep.

$10.99   SOLD
Aztec Wood Pipe Holder and Humidor
Vintage used pipe stand or holder from an estate. Also includes the glass humidor with wooden lid (says Aztec on the lid underneath).