Eickhorn-Solingen has been supplying the worlds armed forces with knives and tools for many, many years.   Now you can sample their superior quality and craftsmanship in these excellent pocket knives and professional quality rescue tools.
Eickhorn Solingen products are of 100% German origin, created from German raw materials that are specified and quality approved to the highest international standards.
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The PRT tool range is excellent for those who want a small lightweight emergency pocket tool.

Standard features of all Eickhorn-Solingen Limited Pocket Rescue Tools (PRT):
3.3" half serrated, spearpoint blade, 4.8" closed, 8.1" overall.
Blade made from stainless Böhler N695 steel (HRC 58)
MIL spec - 40°C + 80°C operating temperatures
Hardened Carbide Window puncher/glass breaker
Half serrated cutting edge
Integrated replaceable blade seat belt/clothing cutter.
Maintenance free ergonomically designed all weather handle of AIMg3 aluminium.
PRT II handle has an aluminium handle with resin inlay.
Oversized thumb stud
Internal blade release mechanism
Pocket clip
Pocket Rescue Tools (PRT) Specially designed for Emergency, Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian use
Military Knives
Eickhorn-Solingen continues the 140-year tradition of excellence in the design and manufacturer of state of the art military bayonets and combats knives. The range of equipment is comprehensive, different operational requirements demand specifically designed equipment. Throughout the range the legendary Eickhorn-Solingen quality is standard.
Laser cut ice hardened corrosion free blade, tang and cross guard, laser cut from 440A grade steel.
Black finish
Laser cut serrated cutting edge.
Half Serrated cutting edge
MIL spec - 40°C + 80°C operating temperatures
Maintenance free ergonomically designed black all weather handle grip to MIL specification.
Insulated handles are designed to withstand a surge of noe less than 1000 volts.
All metals are corrosion resistant according to U.S. MIL-STD-171 Salt Spray (Fog) test.
NATO stock number 1095-12-360-8803
Saw back blade
Glass breaker
Sapphire sharpening device
Carry options: Belt, leg or MOLLE-System combat vest. NOMEX®
or Cordura® material
Lanyard ring
Water drainage escape
2 spear holes in cross guard

Blade Thickness      3.6mm
Blade Length           135mm
Knife Weight            225g
Overall Length          280mm
Overall Weight          545g (incl. scabbard)

KM 2000 New German Infantry Combat Knife
NATO stock number 1095-12-35-56742
In service with German Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces)
Black Kalgard® coated, forged Böhler N695 steel (HRC 57) blade.  Window breaker handle end.
Polyamide sheath with strap adapted for all US MOLLE and German IDZ carrying systems of the German Bundeswehr.  Diamond sharpener on sheath.

Overall length: 30.2 cm
Blade thickness: 17.2 cm
Blade thickness: 5mm
Weight: 330 g

Other  Knives
Slim version of original Skipper
7-3/4" open length, 3-1/4" blade, 4-5/8" closed.
Partially serrated, 440 stainless steel traditional marine blade.  Blade has large thumb lever for easy one-handed opening.
2-3/4" stainless steel Marlin spike with shackle slot.
Both blade and spike liner-lock in open position.
Traditional liner lock design.
Stylish, ergonomic aluminum handle is a beautiful anodized blue.
Handle has non-slip rubber inlays.  Stainless steel liners.
Currently in service with German Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces).
8-3/4" open length, 3-3/8" blade, 5-3/8" closed.
Laser cut, ice hardened corrosion free blade of 440A grade steel. Blade has 1-15/16" serrations and 2" fine cutting edge.  MIL spec - 40°C + 80°C operating temperatures  Olive drab maintenance free ergonomically designed all weather handle grip to MIL specification.
3-1/2" black awl with flat screwdriver end folds into handle.  Sturdy metal blade lock secures blade in open and closed position.  LANYARD NOT INCLUDED
Spring steel rated at 55Si7 and an HRC of 53, guarantees the highest blade flexibility at all times. This meets the exacting operational demands of today’s combatants. Time and time again this unique blade has demonstrated distinct advantages over other  products, which shatter easily under normal stress loads and fail to meet the extreme field
operations of today’s soldier.

• Classic 17 cm commando dagger with Kalgard® black coated blade of 55Si7 spring steel (HRC 51- 53)
• Structured grip and fibreglass reinforced polyamide end cap.
• Impact resistant polyamide sheath with modern MOLLE carrying system.

Overall length: 30 cm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 210 g
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Plain Edge
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Serrated Edge out of stock

Same as LL80 Paratrooper knife but all black tactical model.  Black Kalgard coated, hook-type rescue blade with shackle opener and half serrated cutting edge.  Glass breaker.  LANYARD NOT INCLUDED
KM 1000 New German Infantry Combat Knife
In service with German Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces)
Same as KM 2000 but with satin finished blade forged from corrosion free 440-A steel (HRC 56).
Window breaker handle end.
Polyamide sheath with strap adapted for all US MOLLE and German IDZ carrying systems of the German Bundeswehr.  Diamond sharpener on sheath.

Overall length: 30.2 cm
Blade length: 17.2 cm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 330 g

OES SEK-P (Special-Emergency-Knife)

Master Designer Dietmar Pohl in consultation
with specialist users, designed the new SEK knife.  Made for extreme operational demands involving life and death decisions.

Double edged dagger blade forged from Böhler N695 steel (HRC 58).  Integral cross guard on both sides is uniquely designed
at right angles to protect your hand.  The 10.5 cm long handle grip is designed to ensure optimal grip with G-10 finish with rough grip surface.  Three large holes in the grip increase grip-safety and add balance to the weighting of the knife.  Two smaller lanyard holes

The SEK-P version was developed for, but not limited to Law Enforcement.  It is supplied with a Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok attachment.

Overall length: 21.5 cm
Blade length: 10 cm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 140 g

CSAR II (Combat-Search-and-Rescue)
Upgraded version of the well-proven PRT
Guardian series. From master designer Dietmar Pohl.
• 1.5 mm stainless steel liners, Black Böhler N695 stainless steel blade (HRC 58)
• New blade design which includes a 5 mm lengthening of the spearpoint blade
• Half serrated blade of model CSR II simplifies
cutting solid materials and ropes.
• G–10 grips with a grooved design guarantee secure handling.
• The grip holds an integrated belt cutter and a glass breaker, both of which are essential especially during rescue operations.
• A belt clip for tip-down carrying
Overall length: 22.5 cm
Blade: 9.5 cm
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Weight approx: 130 g
FS200 Limited Edition of only 999 pieces.  Each knife is serial numbered.
Kalgard coated 55Si7 (HRC 51-53) spring steel blade is double edged.  Same classic handle design as was on the original 1941 British Special Forces knife.
Black leather belt sheath with snap retainer.

Overall length: 29.4 cm
Blade length: 17 cm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 180 g

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$74.99 Black TAC Blade Only

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LL80 RT-1 TAC BLACK RESCUE BODY PARTS ONLY (lanyard no longer included)
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Parachute Knives
Eickhorn-Solingen Genuine LL80 Paratrooper Knives.
JUST ARRIVED!   The LL100 is a larger version of the popular LL80 Paratrooper knife.   It has a 4" blade and is 10" overall open length.    NSN 7340-12-140-1031.

Pictures to come soon.   Only a few available.
Plain Edge
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