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Superior, high quality knives, 100% made in France.  The WildSteer with extractor is especially suited for Archers.  Get it with a Firesteel for hunting , bushcraft and general outdoor use.  The Baby Wild is an excellent all around hunter.  Wild Tech is a fantastic knife for any outdoor activity and tactical use.  More to come as this line takes off!

See the WildSteer website at for more information.  Please let us know what other models you would like for us to carry.
These items are hard to find models and are in very limited quantities.  Please email us for availability.
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The Wild Steer
The Ultimate knife for Archers!
• 10.2 inches patented forged knife
• 4.5 inches stainless steel blade
• Blade 0.2 inches thick at the tip and 0.3 inches under the notches
• Weight: 9.77Oz (277g)
• Leather handle with matching sheath
• Delivered with your choice of an extractor or a FireSteel in the sheath.
Copyright, trademark YOUWANTIT2, WildSteer.  All prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Wild Steer - Satin/Brown
Please specify extractor or Firesteel when ordering
Wild Steer - Satin/Black
Please specify extractor or Firesteel when ordering
• One piece stainless steel construction.
• Blade has three cutting edges.  One for heavy cutting, one for fine cuts, chisel tanto-tip for notching or gouging.
• Notches on spine for chamfering the inside of shafts to remove burrs.
• Cradle for arrow vise and anchor point for point extractor.
• 'Hammer' pommel for hammer use or to use the knife as a large chisel.  Great for gouging out wood around an extremely embedded broadhead.
• Hand fitted and laced, oil tanned leather handle.
• Knife is shipped in very nice presentation box.
Using the extractor:
Unscrew arrow shaft with vise function.
Point or broad head is embedded.
Screw extractor on exposed threads.
Hook anchor point of knife on extractor.
Use leverage with knife to remove embedded point or broadhead.
If you are like most of us, you have never missed a shot or had an arrow stuck deep into a tree.  Well, we have heard that this does occasionally happen!  The archer has to struggle, wiggle, and shake the arrow.  Sometimes it comes loose, sometimes it breaks the broadhead, sometimes it breaks the arrow, sometimes it bends the shaft.  This could become frustrating and expensive.  When you have a Wild Steer knife and extractor with you, it is a simple process to remove the arrow and point with no damage.  See the steps below.
Extractor as sharpening handle
Presentation Box
Custom leather  sheath
The WildSteer
Baby Wild - Satin/Gold
The Baby Wild
• Total length: 7.9 inches (20 cm).
• Sandvik stainless steel blade: 3.5 inches (9 cm).
• Blade 0.2 inches thick (4 mm)
• Weight: 3.24 Oz (92g)
• Leather handle with matching sheath. Horizontal wearing or vertical wearing.
• Delivered in WildSteer box..
• One piece stainless steel construction.
• Traditional clip-point design with fine cutting edge.
• Notches on spine for thumb slip-resistance.
• Lanyard hole with leather lanyard.
• Hand fitted and laced, oil tanned leather handle.
• Sheath can be worn vertical or horizontal.
• Knife is new in box.
The Wild Tech
• Registred model, length: 7.9 inches (20 cm).
• Sandvik® stainless steel blade: 3.5 inches (9 cm).
• Blade's width: 0.2 inches (3.8 mm)
• Weight: 3 Oz. (85g)
• Sheath with articulated and 360° orientable lock
• Comes in unique box, suitable for a gift.
• Sandvik® stainless steel with optimized characteristics provided by a cryogenic treatment. 59HRC .
• Traditional clip-point design with partially serrated cutting edge which is particulary recommended for professional use or for nautical and climbing activities.
• Notches on spine for thumb slip-resistance.
• Lanyard hole with cord lanyard and personal carabiner.  Safety lock on sheath.
• Cord wrapped handle.
• Articulated lock for quick clipping on the belt.
360° orientable for an optimized position.
• Integrated SILVA compass with sight maker.
(Extract the knife for compass use)
Wild Tech - Black